BB Pop Sockets


* Dear customer Single unit of BB Pop Socket is a promotional item and not for sale.

* Order any product from our website and you’ll get the BB Pop Socket for free.

* 1 Pop Socket per Order ID 

* Offer Valid Till 22nd November 2018.

No returns applicable on any defect on Pop Sockets  ( free promotional item ).


How to Use - 

* Remove the sticker on the bottom of Pop Socket.

* Place the Pop Socket on the back side of the mobile/mobile cover.

* Press hard the pop socket and leave it for 1-2 minutes.


How to Remove -

* We don't recommend removing pop socket as its for one time use, however if you wish to reuse remove the pop socket using a sharp object like scale don't pull it off directly that may lead to breaking of the pop socket.

* We strongly recommend to use them only on the single device and don't suggest removing and pasting of pop socket for multiple use.