BB Membership Programme- FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I don’t want to pay for the membership; will I not be able to watch BB Ki Vines latest videos?
Ans. BB Ki Vines videos are always free to watch irrespective of the fact if you join as a member or not.

Q. Why should I pay for membership, if videos are available for free?
Ans. Paying for membership is voluntary and there is no compulsion. Membership programme fee is just a little charge for us to compensate for the perks we are giving all the members in return.

Q. What is the price for Joining BB Ki Vines as a member?
Ans. There are 2 categories which one can join
1. Heroes @ Rs 29
2. Superheroes @159

Q. What will I get if I join the Heroes category?
Ans. You will get access to 4 exclusive community post from BB. You will also have access to live group chat during BB Live streams on Youtube. Apart from this you will get loyality badges and access to numerous BB Emoticons.

Q. And if I choose to be a Superhero?
Ans. If you choose to be a superhero then you will get access to all perks from hero category. Apart from this you will get surprise BB collectible each month and special discounts on brands related to BB.

Q. What are BB collectibles?
Ans. BB Collectibles are cool BB Ki Vines related stuff that will be designed exclusively for BB Superheroes like mugs, sippers, coasters etc.

Q. I cannot afford to be a member that means I am not a part of BB army?
Ans. We have chosen the minimum slabs for membership possible in Youtube policies and in no way force anyone to buy the membership. Even if you don’t join doesn’t mean you are not a part of the BB Army.

Q. As a superhero will I have to pay for the shipping of BB collectible?
Ans. No.

Q. Do all superheroes get BB merchandise from every month?
Ans. No, BB collectibles will not be from Rather will be designed specifically for the superheroes.